During the few days I stayed in Córdoba in Spain, I stayed at Option Be Hostel. I highly recommend staying here on your travels through Andalucia. Hostels can range from cozy and inviting to absolutely disgusting. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you book a place to stay.

The owner of Option Be Hostel, Jose, has backpacked around the world and knows exactly what makes a hostel comfortable for backpackers. You can tell just by talking with him that he genuinely wants you to enjoy your time in Córdoba. Not to mention, this place is super new and sexy. It’s extremely modern and sleek in design and even has a rooftop pool. When staying in hostels, it’s all about the minor details that makes a place really feel comfortable. Option Be has free breakfast offered all day along with fresh oranges and a juicer to make orange juice. After a long day visiting the Mezquita Catedral and traversing through the narrow streets of Córdoba, you’ll definitely want to come home to a beautiful, comfortable hostel like this one!