What’s the best plan of action when you’ve got one full day in an exciting and trendy Scandinavian city on Christmas day? When I just so happened to end up in Copenhagen on Christmas, my friend and I decided to go for a casual 7-hour stroll through the city. Why see only part of the city when you can see at least 75 percent of it via your own two feet? I mean, yeah, the price you’ll pay is that you won’t be able to feel the lower half of your body for at least three to five days after. But you’re in Denmark! And it’s Christmas! So a city tour on foot is a must.

Here’s the basic agenda for the day:

Step 1 of Mission See Copenhagen is to press snooze on your alarm at least twice and eventually roll out of your cozy hostel bed around 9:30 a.m.

Step 2 after you’ve gotten ready and eaten the hostel breakfast (bread, cheese, unlimited coffee thank god), time to step out into the cold Danish air! And let me tell ya, it’s cold, y’all.

Step 3 is the most vital part of this whole mission: walk around for hours and hours. Be sure to:

a) take annoying amounts of photos

b) stop for coffee often

c) try the waffles with chocolate and sprinkles when morale is low

Step 4 is to find a lunch that costs less than dinner at a five-star restaurant in the U.S. I’m gonna go ahead and warn you not to get your hopes up on this one.

Step 5 Well, it’s around 1 p.m., so you’ve got a couple more hours of sunlight left to see more of this gorgeous Scandinavian city! Don’t miss Christiania- home of Copenhagen’s Green Light District. No photos were allowed in this seedy little spot, which is not officially a part of the EU.  Here you’ll find marijuana sold by men in black masks hidden behind camouflage huts. If that doesn’t sound sketchy enough, try going there on Christmas night when Christmas lights are substituted with fire in trash cans. Charming, right? But don’t lose hope! Just around the graffiti marked corner, you’ll find the most incredible feast.

Step 6 while you’re in Christiania, you’ve gotta join said epic and free Christmas feast brought to you by socialism and Christmas spirit. It’s basically like a family dinner for any and all community members and vagabonds who happen to be celebrating the holidays in Copenhagen. The food is good and the people jolly. Be sure not to miss this if you happen to be in Copenhagen for Christmas.

Step 7 is to SLEEP. Because you deserve it, and by this point, you don’t really have a choice because you’re most definitely deliriously tired. But hey, you have seen the most of Copenhagen that you possibly could on foot.  Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You go, Glen Coco! 

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Share your thoughts on this wonderful city by writing to me on Facebook. Until next time, fellow adventurers!