Isn’t it funny how seemingly insignificant childhood memories can stay with you throughout your life?

My mother would always read bedtime stories to my sister and I as a kid. One night, I picked out a book from the bookshelf and lugged it over to my mom.

“Everything changes, nothing stays the same,” Mom read aloud.

I remember feeling uncomfortable with this thought. I liked my room. I liked my dolls and toys. And I especially liked my bunk bed that often transformed into a fort made from sheets and blankets.

As humans, we are creatures of habits and contradictions. We beg for the sun to come out when it’s winter and then complain about the heat when it’s summer. We bore with routine but get anxious at the thoughts of big change.

But what if we wanted what we had and didn’t want what we didn’t have? What if we flowed with the change like the leaves that fall with the turning seasons?

Personally, practicing meditation has taught me to step back, reflect, and understand what I’m feeling in the moment. And because I believe everything in life happens to teach a lesson in some way or another, I am treating my own humanistic resistance to change as a way to do just that.

Soon, one chapter of my life will close and another will begin.

I’ve had an incredible, transformative experience since I arrived here in Ibiza nearly one year ago. I feel comfortable with my life (friends, job, home, etc.) and for this, I’m sad for the change that is to come. Yet the friends I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned have been their own unique version of perfection in my mind.

I urge each of you to gracefully accept change when it comes to you, wherever and however that may be – as I will attempt to do as well. But it seems easier said than done, right?

All we can control is our thoughts and perspective by living presently and remembering to be grateful for what you have in your life right now. Plus, who says “change” can’t be synonymous for “improvement”

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